Are you really donating 100% of these sales to the First Nations Development Institute Covid Emergency Response Fund?

Yes, except for the sales taxes (which go to the states for which they are collected, of course) I provided all labor (30-45 mins per mask) and materials (nearly $5 per mask) as my contribution. Your generosity in purchasing these masks will benefit the FNDI Covid Emergency Response Fund.

Why did you select the First Nations Development Institute?

The impact of Covid19 on Native Communities and POC has been disproportionate. I wanted the funds raised by these masks to get directly to Native Communities as possible. I reaserched First Nations Development Institute, and believe they are effectively distributing relief.

These masks are a bit expensive! Why?!

I wanted to supply a quality, durable, product, and have that benefit someone else. Each mask set contains about $4.75 in materials, and was quite labor intensive. There are features you can't find in most commercial masks: reversibiity, adjustable elastic, replaceable nose-bands, to name a few. These were a labor of love. I hope you feel it when you wear them!

What distinguishes these masks from others on the market?

As I mentioned above: they are reversible, quality cotton, washable, have adjustable ear-band length, replaceable nose-bands (a BIG bonus!), and that nifty li'l name-tag so you can keep your mask separate from your housemates'! In addition, these are downright adorable!!!

Are these masks washable?

Yes! The fabric has all been pre-shrunk. You can wash them with the nosband wire in, or out. While they are machine dryable, I do recommend re-shaping them then air-drying. I think they fit better done that way. Do NOT use bleach or fabric softener.

What if something on my mask "breaks"?

Contact me, and I'll help you out!

How do I replace the nosebands?

These instructions will be included in your order.

My elastic ends are a little scratchy!

I burned the cut ends of most of the flat elastic so it woudn't ravel. That left a little, melted, "bead" on some. Just trim that off with sharp scissors or a nail clipper if it bothers you!

Will you be making more masks at some point?

I hope to, but I'll see how this round goes, first! In the future, this site will be used to market other creations I craft for income.

Can I get a discount on multiple masks?

Aww! I'm delighted you want more than one! I so wish I could offer that, but more masks cost more to mail!