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  • Are you really donating 100% of these sales to the First Nations Development Institute Covid Emergency Response Fund?
    Yes, except for the sales taxes (which go to the states for which they are collected, of course) I provided all labor (30-45 mins per mask) and materials (nearly $5 per mask) as my contribution. Your generosity in purchasing these masks will benefit the FNDI Covid Emergency Response Fund.
  • Why did you select the First Nations Development Institute?
    The impact of Covid19 on Native Communities and POC has been disproportionate. I wanted the funds raised by these masks to get directly to Native Communities as possible. I reaserched First Nations Development Institute, and believe they are effectively distributing relief.
  • These masks are a bit expensive! Why?!
    I wanted to supply a quality, durable, product, and have that benefit someone else. Each mask set contains about $4.75 in materials, and was quite labor intensive. There are features you can't find in most commercial masks: reversibiity, adjustable elastic, replaceable nose-bands, to name a few. These were a labor of love. I hope you feel it when you wear them!
  • What distinguishes these masks from others on the market?
    As I mentioned above: they are reversible, quality cotton, washable, have adjustable ear-band length, replaceable nose-bands (a BIG bonus!), and that nifty li'l name-tag so you can keep your mask separate from your housemates'! In addition, these are downright adorable!!!
  • Are these masks washable?
    Yes! The fabric has all been pre-shrunk. You can wash them with the nosband wire in, or out. While they are machine dryable, I do recommend re-shaping them then air-drying. I think they fit better done that way. Do NOT use bleach or fabric softener.
  • What if something on my mask "breaks"?"
    Contact me, and I'll help you out!
  • How do I replace the nosebands?
    These instructions will be included in your order.
  • My elastic ends are a little scratchy!
    I burned the cut ends of most of the flat elastic so it woudn't ravel. That left a little, melted, "bead" on some. Just trim that off with sharp scissors or a nail clipper if it bothers you!
  • Will you be making more masks at some point?
    I hope to, but I'll see how this round goes, first! In the future, this site will be used to market other creations I craft for income.
  • Can I get a discount on multiple masks?
    Aww! I'm delighted you want more than one! I so wish I could offer that, but more masks cost more to mail!
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